Hi! And welcome!

Welcome to my humble little meetup webpage! This webpage and my meetup groups might not be much yet, but they say good things usually start small! :-)

Before you judge me or my meetup groups, please consider that unlike some other groups, my groups are starting from scratch. That means with zero members. That isn't easy, especially if, as in the case of role playing games, you already have two very big and successful competing groups in the same area.

The problem is, to run events successfully, especially for adults as I want to, you need a certain minimum amount of members. The more members you have, the more likely it is, that some are interested in events like I try to organize, and can spare the time for a given event at a certain time and location. It looks like it takes at least 50 members, more likely 100, before there are enough people for any event to find a minimum of 4 to 6 participants. Those are the constraints of adult life, unfortunately, so please bear with me if my groups aren't that big yet and thus cannot really run any events successfully yet. It takes time to build working groups and I knew this wouldn't be easy. That's why I hesitated for a long time to start my own groups, and it's also one of the reasons for this webpage here.

I will put as much time as I can into advertising and building my groups, and if you are interested in one, I ask you to please help: Please spread the word and invite people, either by pointing them to this webpage here, or to the group page on The sooner we have a required minimum of people, the sooner we can start running events without having to cancel them for lack of participants.

Ok, it says Introduction in the title: I am Mark, the guy behind this webpage and the meetup groups presented here.

I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and video games, right when they first came out, and like many kids I loved both from the start.
As a kid you usually have friends to play role playing games and video games with, but as an adult, it's much harder to find people to share these pastimes with. That's why I created this webpage and my meetup groups.

This webpage serves as a kind of central hub. I point people interested in my meetup groups here and ask you to do the same.

To manage events for adults, especially gaming events for small groups with specialized interests, you really need an online event management application like Otherwise adult people simply won't be connected sufficiently enough. And it's not worth it to program that yourself just for your own groups, so I will have to use a third party web-application. So what's the purpose of this little webpage here then?

Although I will use third party web-applications to manage events, I like to maintain a little independence. With, you never know what prices they might impose over night and I can't just pay any price. Especially if I run a small group and nobody helps with the costs. If bad goes to worse, I want to be able to change or cancel the event management application and be able to notify everyone. That's what this webpage here helps with.

This webpage serves as a kind of backbone or base for my meetup groups. From here I point people to where each group's events are managed. You will have to check there for the most up-to-date events of each group. And, I can also use this page to introduce my groups and myself. I can publish more general information here, and if something goes wrong or if you want to contact me, you should always be able to find this website and contact me here.